A Google map showing the approximate location of the Valles Caldera Headquarters


The start and finish will be at the main staging area. All runs will start simultaneously and follow the same route with runners having the option to turn back at 0.5 mile (1 mile total), 2.5 milw (5 mile total) or 5 mile (for 10 mile total). Runners can turn also turn back at any distance they choose. The 5 mile and 10 mile distances will be competitive.
The runs are out and back on dirt roads. Start will be at the main staging area, just inside the main gate. The route will go from the main staging area to the Headquarters then turn north. Markers will be set at various intervals to mark turn around locations. Aid stations will be available at 2.5 mi and 5 mi which will serve as the turn around locations for the 5mi and 10mi runs, respectively. The course will be marked with glow sticks hung from wire markers. These will be placed every few hundred feet or so. We expect the moon to be bright! Runners that want to carry a flashlight, please use one with a red filter so as not to disrupt night vision! (Red cellophane and a rubber band works.)