15 mile

  • The 2017 15 mile course is unchanged from 2016. However, the former Rendija Aid Station (mile 12.5) has been relocated to the new Cabra Aid Station (mile 10.7). See the 2017 course map for location. Also see information lower on this page for updated aid station distances.
50k and 50 mile
BIG CHANGES! The 2017 50k and 50 mile courses will be run in the opposite direction than they've always been run. This major change allows the race volunteers at the more remote aid stations to close down earlier and puts runners closer to town later in the race which increases runner safety. Important points as a result of this course reversal are:
  • 50k/50M runners will no longer run through "lower Pajarito Canyon" and instead will run to the relocated aid station at the top of the "Nail Trail" (see the 2017 course map for location.)
  • 50k/50M route will take a tiny detour at the top of Pajarito Mountain to the USGS-marked true summit of Pajarito Mountain before taking a scenic, cross-country route across the south-side of the mountain.
  • 50k/50M runners will have new cutoffs with more cutoffs added at the last two aid stations before the finish line. See the Cutoffs section below for details.
  • The Rendija Aid Station (mile 49.9) will be moved a third of mile to the west from its previous location. The new location is where Perimeter Trail crosses the dirt "Cemetary Road" and is shown on the 2017 course map.

Start: Posse Shack, North Mesa in Los Alamos, NM. The 50 mile run starts at 5:00am, the 50 kilometer starts at 6:00am, and the 15 mile starts at 8:00am.

Directions to start/finish: Take Diamond Drive north to the roundabout. Go straight through the roundabout and up the hill onto North Mesa. The Posse Shack is approximately 1 mile from the round about. (Google map of Posse Shack).

Cutoffs: For the 50 mile runners there is a 12:00pm cutoff at the Nail Trail Aid Station (this is for the first pass though at mile 20.9). Any 50 mile runners missing this cutoff will be allowed to switch to the 50km race at the Nail Trail AS and head to the finish from there.

For both the 50k and 50 mile runners there is a 4:00pm cutoff at the Ski Lodge Aid Station (second pass through for 50 mile runners at mile 35.4), a 6:00pm cutoff at Nail Trail Aid Station and a 7:45pm cutoff at the Quemazon Aid Station (mile 46.8).

Aid Stations Driving Directions for crew/spectators can be found in the 2017 Runners Manual.

Maps of the Los Alamos Area marked map of Los Alamos townsite


You can download the course map to your smartphone and see your GPS location directly on it. No cell service necessary. Follow these 3 steps:

  1. Copy the URL of the JMTR geospatial-enabled PDF courses map - 2017 JMTR Courses Map PDF
  2. Install the Avenza PDF Maps app on your smartphone - iPhone or Android
  3. Open the JMTR course map with the app (Maps, + (add), paste URL). The map could take several minutes to download (large file)

Course GPS Tracks

Aid Stations

15 Mile

50 Kilometer

50 Mile

  1. Crews are allowed at all aid stations except for Valle Caldera (AS #5 for 50 milers). The aid stations marked "Yes" for vehicle access can be reached with a short walk. All others require hiking.
  2. Flashlights/headlamps will be collected for the 50 mile runners in a box at the Cabra Aid Station location. Cabra is not an aid station for 50 milers, however. Make sure your light is labeled with your name and race number.
  3. Crews are discouraged from going to Guaje Ridge aid station and the Pipeline Road aid station.
  4. There is a 12:00pm cutoff time at the Nail Trail AS (first time through, at mile 20.9) for 50 mile runners and runners arriving after 11:30am will be encouraged to switch to the 50k race.
  5. The cut off at the second time through Ski Lodge Aid Station (mile 35.4) is at 4:00 PM. All runners must LEAVE the Ski Lodge aid station heading to Nail Trail aid station by 4:00 PM. All runners leaving the Ski Lodge Aid Station after 3:30pm will be required to carry a light.
  6. The cut off at Nail Trail AS (mile 41 for the 50 milers) is 6:00pm. Any runners missing these cutoffs will be marked as DNF and transported back to the start/finish.
  7. The cut off at Quemazon Aid Station (mile 46.8) is 7:45pm. Any runners missing these cutoffs will be marked as DNF and transported back to the start/finish.